Why should my business invest in a media buying strategy?

Why should my business invest in a media buying strategy?

Media buying is ideal for many businesses for a number of reasons. When a brand owns the right piece of media real estate it goes a long way towards helping the business:

  • Successfully launch new products/services or for start-ups, their brand identity
  • Build-upon existing brand equity, gain credibility and exposure
  • Secure new customers
  • Take advantage of high-traffic, high-volume platforms to maximise exposure and increase brand awareness
  • Sell-off liquidation, seasonal or run-out stock quickly.

Any business owner can call up their local television or radio station and buy media real estate. If it’s so simple why should you employ professionals to help?


 So you don’t waste your money and your time. Don’t try and save money short-term by tackling media buying on your own. There are too many variables involved to take the solo approach. Many an over-confident entrepreneur has made the mistake of buying media in the wrong place, on the wrong medium, on the wrong channel, at the wrong time and so on and so on. Avoid disaster and be sensible by acknowledging your limits. Even if you do feel you know your product and the media buying landscape well enough, there are many pitfalls you will need to navigate.  

What can I expect to encounter if I try to buy media without professional help?


 If you attempt media buying without professional help and the pool of contacts which come with employing experts, then you will be doing all the work all by yourself, and dealing with the highly complex media buying world.

Without being a skilled professional yourself in the area, you could find yourself overloaded and not sure which road to take next, and which will most benefit you and your business.

You’ll save yourself time and hassle by employing a professional, skilled media-buying expert. If you try to do it all yourself without the know-how and resources you will:

  • Waste your time trying to come up with a media buying plan as well as deal with various companies and sales representatives 
  • Waste your money advertising in the wrong place and/or at the wrong time and potentially pay higher fees
  • Discover all your input and energy has resulted in naught or worse – business failure.

Why do you need us?


 The Big Ideas Group understands the media market and will put your business interests first. We work for you, we invest ourselves in understanding the ins-and-outs of your brand and product or service offerings so we can best craft a media buying master-strategy which taps into taking advantage of our pool of contacts and numerous resources to ensure you buy optimal media real estate on the right platform at the right time and on the right channel.

What can we do that you cannot do yourself? 


  • We have in-depth media market knowledge.
  • We are well versed in communications field and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in media platforms, technology and delivery mediums.
  • We will identify the right platform on which to secure media real estate.
  • We can open a lot more doors than you can alone, getting you in touch with the right people.
  • We keep our ear to the ground to make sure you are presented with all the latest media buying opportunities that are right for your brand.
  • Our contacts can help us get exclusive access to otherwise unobtainable media hot spots or first choice of new media advertising opportunities.
  • Our reputation, pool of contacts and years of fine-tuning our negotiation skills enable us to broker a fair-deal on your behalf.
  • We can ultimately ensure you a greater ROI.

Make the right decision for your business and let us help you by calling the Big Ideas Group team on 0419 349 558 or send us an online enquiry form found here via our Contact page.

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