Top 5 Reasons why you should create promotional videos for your website

Top 5 Reasons why you should create promotional videos for your website

The top 5 main reasons why people should use video are:

  1. To provoke emotion, image creation and binding
  2. To promote your brand, product or event
  3. To encourage, stimulate and motivate people to take action
  4. To inspire and inform
  5. To create leads, attract new customers and keep the ones you have

In today’s world, Internet users have a limited attention span, making it harder to reach your target audience using traditional advertising methods, which is why you should use video. Within mere seconds video can entertain, sell and brand your product or service all at the same time.  

Hotel/resort property websites for example, can use video on their website to essentially show what the property offers and generate more bookings. Take a holiday accommodation website that doesn’t use video, like for example; you can see the website homepage is filled with written content about what you will receive whilst holidaying there, it seems a bit drab doesn’t it? Compare that to a holiday accommodation site like, where just by clicking play you are able to visualise yourself staying there, holidaying there, making memories with family there or slipping into a warm bath there.

In contrast to static images, using a video as a marketing resource for hotel or resort accommodation allows you to respond to all the pertinent questions associated with the place and alleviates many common hesitations people have when considering booking accommodation.

The key to turning viewers into customers is found in delivering a creative, yet relevant content that informs and entertains, and there’s no better vehicle to do that than video. Video is the next best thing to talking to your target audience one to one. By using video to promote upmarket projects like hotel and resort accommodation, you are using a piece of content that nurtures relationships and deepens trust.

You can set yourself apart from others with video. One video can be used on a multitude of platforms that will market your service or brand. Embed it on your homepage, upload it to YouTube, email it to your prospects, flush your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Google+ with it, whatever you use it for, you are instigating an emotional attachment between the viewer and the property and that is the key to securing new customers.

Prepare yourself for the future of the Internet, the power of video is here to stay. 

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